The day past located a weird blend of stuff in a area. I had hit this area a couple of times earlier than, locating a reale, an antique ring, and a button from the 1870s or so.

Yesterday i hit a phase in which i had located some musket balls. Found some more (eight to be specific); are you kidding me?

And that doesn’t count number those i didn’t dig, which became prolly simply as many. These things are available in at co 30-35 at the e-trac, and not anything accurate that i’m seeking out lives there except half dimes and half reales, and these had a bigger sound, so i felt safe in leaving a few for the following guy. I’ve prolly observed approximately 15 or so myself on this area through the years. Why such a lot of in a single spot?

Once I published this p.C on facebook, a person cautioned they will be “canister shot”.
Who knew this sort of factor existed? I sure didn’t.

Besides, i assume he’s proper, cause they may be all type of in a single area, and they do look extra that color than lead that has been in the ground, and those had been supposedly tin or tin-plated, tho one is actually lead.

So, that is a civil war technology weapon. Who knew the sort of weapon could had been fired in chester county, pa? I wonder beneath what circumstances? You’d need a pretty massive gun to fireplace off one in every of these things. I’ve located no other antique relics in the region. Very bizarre, and kinda cool while you reflect onconsideration on it. Trouble is, the region where these things are is on the nook of the field, so i’ll never locate anything else to assist solve this thriller.

Besides, about 15 ft from this area became the maximum lovely deep silver region sound you’d ever listen. You suspect of all of the cool matters it could be, like bust or seated, and all of the lame things it prolly is, like a copper buckle or toasted large cent, and you’re digging, digging so cautiously no longer to hit it with the digger, and what you get? A 1962q. Are you kidding me? It is the ultimate thing i expected to find in an old field near these canister balls.

Yes, you could be disillusioned while finding silver. But, silver coins are hard to find, so that you usually take them.

I then proceeded to find a battle nickel, which got here in at co 24 or so on the e-trac, (usually they come in at 15), and a fifteen gram 10k white gold elegance ring dated 1975. All within the equal subject. Very weird. I’m able to try and go back the hoop, but in beyond enjoy, that has been hard.

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