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  • Garrett ATX Metal Detector Review: Best for the professionals

Whenever we are talking about metal detectors first question rises in our mind which metal detector is best for professional, and second question rises in our mind which is best metal detector for professionals in 2017. For these purposes We’ve recently added the Garrett atx on the market in our shop, so we thought it might be prudent to provide you with an in depth Garrett atx assessment to go with it. In spite of everything, it’s far certainly one of Garrett’s top class merchandise, and lots of humans are beginning to sit up and take note.

For a long time garrett has been trailing it’s fundamental rival in minelab on the subject of a fine pinnacle end metal detector. Minelab had been providing the gpx 5000 for a while now, at the same time as Garrett continued to provide detectors greater focused to the access degree market. The Garrett ATX is specially designed for the professionals. In the market garrett is the best metal detector for professional.

I agree with the people at Garrett have advanced the atx as the solution to the minelab domination in this space, and to be honest, they have finished a pretty right process. There are many metal detectors which are best for the treaure hunter . But, whilst it is simple to make a right away assessment between the Garrett atx and the minelab gpx 5000, it is probably incorrect to do so. They may be very exclusive machines, which are still focused on special humans within the marketplace area.

Authentic, they’re each quite luxurious (although the atx is ready half the price), the atx is a lot less flexible and customizable than the gpx 5000. While that could be a massive poor for pro pros who need to seek for particular targets, it’s a massive bonus to those folks that want the capabilities of a pinnacle end detector, without the headaches concerned in the knowledge the settings and differently associated complexities associated with the gpx 5000, of which there are many. The ATX has wide range of features and it’s all suitable for professionals. In the top rated metal detector this is the no 1 metal detectors.

In terms of performance, the atx is a beast! It’s almost the kind of steel detector that you can take out of the container and just start the usage of without a whole lot of notion, despite the fact that like most things, if you spend the time gaining knowledge of the settings and studying how the atx responds to special objectives in exclusive terrain, you will experience substantially greater success on your hunts, than leaving matters set at default.


Garrett atx appearance

The atx really looks like a army grade piece of device. The whole thing is the identical coloration except the white garrett logo. It’s far made to withstand a few serious situations and is as rugged as it looks. The body is huge, but no longer overly cumbersome, in reality i have found it pretty clean to handle. The Appearance of the Garrett makes this product best in the market.

The atx display

The display on the garrett atx isn’t whatever special, but i pretty find it irresistible. It is approximately as easy as you’ll discover and there clearly isn’t a lot which could move incorrect with it. The buttons are smooth to peer and feel, and the led indicators are brilliant, even in the complete sun. The display is very simple and easy to readable and this is also key feature of the product.

In case you are one of these humans that likes a good liquid crystal display then this could now not be for you. Garrett has long gone proper returned to basics on this display, however, it’s sincerely smooth to navigate and the information it does display you is pretty a great deal what ninety-nine% of humans use besides.

Rate and warranty facts

  • Length: 20″ to sixty eight″ (zero.51m – 1.72m)
  • Weight: 6.9 lbs. (3.Thirteen kg) includes batteries
  • Assurance: 2 yr, constrained components/exertions

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Purchase the atx

Price consists of:

  • Atx steel detector
  • Gentle convey case
  • 10″ x 12″ (25 x 31cm) dd searchcoil
  • Headphones (now not waterproof)
  • Eight x aa batteries and battery charger


Detection modes

The atx has two modes of operation (movement and non-motion modes). The modes offer you with ultimate performance based totally for your searching preference and conditions.

To use movement mode you want to make sure the searchcoil is in motion for the detector to provide you with feedback. Non-movement doesn’t require the coil to be in movement.


The garrett atx has 25 adjustable audio settings and operates with non-stop audio. This allows the device to offer feedback which is proportional to the goals signal power.

Like most top quit steel detectors, the atx produces diverse audio tones to resource in figuring out special forms of targets and their size.

The subsequent is a chart from the guide, which shows the exclusive kind of audio alerts produced in both motion and non-movement modes of operation.

Floor balance

Most regions you move detecting can have mineralization within the ground, that can make locating valued objectives all of the greater hard. That is where ground balancing help you to separate the ground noise from the actual goal noise.

Ground balancing the atx is quite simple, simply observe these steps:


  • Enhance the searchcoil 6 inches above the gound
  • Get right of entry to the secondary controls (press and launch the shift button)
  • Press and keep the gnd bal (floor stability) button. Wait until you listen 2 beeps – this confirms that floor balancing is energetic.
  • Maintain to press the gnd bal button and pass the searchcoil up and down (among 1 and 6 inches from the ground).
  • After a quick while the ground feedback have to be removed and you may release the button.



The satisfactory manner to try and figure the depth of a target while using the atx is , in my view, to get familiar together with your tool. Spend sometime taking note of the feedback and begin to research the specific sounds various metals make. From there, you just need to pay attention to the quantity and test the led signs, which can be there to expose you sign power. Observe: three red leds in positions eleven,12 and 13 suggest max signal power.


Battery situation indicator

The atx has a battery indicator at the show panel. It’s not as outstanding as other detectors, but it does the process. It must be cited that the inventory batteries will usually ultimate among 10 and 12 hours.

When you first activate your atx, concentrate for the audio beeps. This may tell you the status of the battery.


  • Four beeps = completely charged
  • Three beeps = 75%
  • 2 beeps = 50%
  • 1 beep = start charging your batteries once more.

If you see the battery icon start flashing yellow, meaning there may be 30 minutes ultimate till the batter is discharged.


The garrett atx functions a very available pin pointing button, which in my enjoy i have observed to be very accurate. Just placed the searchcoil over the required area even as urgent the pinpointer button and start digging from the middle of your coil till you locate your goal. It doesn’t get some time lot simpler than that.

Highlights / fashionable information

One of the principal atx selling points for me has been that it could be used in the water. This isn’t something that’s all that common within the steel detector space, but it’s something that such a lot of people search for in a detector. Continuing with the waterproofing, the garrett atx also comes with a water-resistant speaker, although i find it’s a whole lot higher when used with a satisfactory set of headphones (consider, the same old headphones that include the atx are not water resistant).

The subsequent highlight that’s in reality useful (but vastly underrated), is how small the atx may be collapsed all the way down to when you need to shop it (20 inches). Which means that each time you decide to go away on holiday, you don’t need to fear approximately your detector taking over an excessive amount of space. That is way to the garrett atx sporting a telescoping shaft, which enabled it to be compacted down tightly for storage.

  • Minelab GPZ 7000

The Minelab GPZ 7000 is the best metal detector for the gold. It has lot of features and all features make the best product for the professional. our both metal detectors are especially targeted for the professionals.

Having no longer prospected for a few weeks, i thought it become time to hit up the victorian gold fields because the climate became going to be prefect for detecting. First forestall turned into a short experience to miners den in bendigo to replace a choose holster that had tore as it grabbed on a tree as i brushed surpassed it. Shane turned into more the glad to replace it beneath warranty as he believed it became defective. After a quick chat approximately how my new gpz was acting, settings and many others, i used to be on my merry manner with my new choose holster in hand.

I was at first headed to my common prospecting spot, but determined to attempt out a new spot near many borough which changed into endorsed with the aid of dave, a family buddy in wa. There are many forums in which this metal detector is described. He is been prospecting for decades and advised me of a few fine huge nuggets he had located there a while in the past. Now a days Minelab GPZ 7000 is best for sale in market. In the list of best metal detector minelab gpz 7000 metal detector is best metal detector.  He’d been expecting new generation detectors to pop out as he become satisfied there were a few deeper nuggets there for the taking. So what higher possibility to present this location a pass then now.


I arrived at the vicinity, parked my car and got installation for a days detecting. At the start i used to be trying an unconventional combination of settings in which i had the sensitivity on 20 and threshold on five in ‘excessive yield’ gold mode. This quite a good deal made the detector run silent with the occasional bleep after I hit a patch of warm ground or emi. I attempted this method for approximately 2 hours but observed it wasn’t running for me, so i switched back to greater traditional settings.


Which on the time were:

best metal detector for the gold

Sensitivity 8, high yield, hard, volume 11, threshold 25, car tracking on and audio smoothing off. All other settings had been general factory settings.


3 hours had exceeded and all i had found changed into 2 bits of junk and dug about three warm rocks. I would in all likelihood journeyed approximately two hundred meters from the automobile, and was getting hungry so went returned to base and had a few lunch. Sitting down consuming lunch, i began deliberating my next circulate. I looked to my left, just a few meters away, i noticed an area that regarded pretty over grown and had a largish layer of leaf litter building up. There have been some mineralised quartz rocks scattered around which i notion seemed promising.


I idea right here seemed as properly as any and it become so close to the car that i didn’t have to carry hydration % or lock the whole lot up. Approximately 15 minutes the gpz were given my its goal. A pleasant little zero.55g nugget down approximately 7″. I used to be wrapped. I then knew i was in gold bearing grounds and needed to supply the entire place a good searching over. Approximately half-hour later i got some other high-quality goal. This one sounded a bit deeper because it became giving off a low excessive sign. After digging down round 6″ the sign most effective were given weaker and subsequently petered out. A clay dome.


Now not loosing faith i kept detecting the same vicinity near the automobile. Quickly once I were given another signal. This become defiantly a wonderful signal however a small and shallow one. It gave off a double beep that’s typical whilst a small, shallow gadgets passes across every of the gpz7000’s coil windings. Either manner, it was an awesome sign. Some scratches later it was out, and not before lengthy it became in my scoop. As i sifted via its contents, i noticed a hint of yellow. I picked it up and in my hand changed into a stunning piece of crystalline gold. Most effective a small piece, approximately zero.3g, but it’s usually a brilliant feeling getting those rare crystal nuggets irrespective of their size. Things were starting to get better.


After having an awesome have a look at my brand new locate then including it to my gold field, i decided it was time to down tools and prep the area for some critical prospecting. There was lots of debris, timber, trees, sticks, leaves and many others which had to move. I spent approximately an hour piling up the whole thing inside the manner of a great coil sweep. By means of the stop of my efforts, i had 3 large piles of sticks surrounding a freshly cleared area. I grabbed my gpz and i used to be again into it.


About 5 mins later and approximately three meters from that quality little crystal gold locate, the gpz picked up every other goal. It become proper beneath a skinny tree that turned into mendacity on the floor which i had cleared. This target sounded deferent to the ultimate. It turned into a nice, diffused but very obvious low excessive signal. I checked at right angle to my preliminary sweep, it become nonetheless there. I then changed to the ‘wellknown’ gold mode and attempted some other sweep, it turned into nonetheless there and giving off a comparable sounding target response. This became amazing news. This is what i might come to find.


I scratched the surface of particles and swung the coil over the target location. It got slightly louder. This become promising, but i nevertheless had my doubts as i might dig up some got rocks in the same region. I scratch and checked some more times and now matters had been getting louder. I used to be beginning to get excited. After digging down a foot, it was sooner or later out of the hole. Wrapped up in a large clump of grey clay which i had top notch pride breaking open to locate a nice 5g gold nugget. That simply made the day worth whilst.


Manifestly hitting a patch, i knew i needed to cross over as a good deal of this vicinity as i should. However there has been nevertheless pretty a massive vicinity that become blanketed in dense bush and by way of my new piles of sticks. I cleared as lots as i may want to and saved detecting. By now it became getting overdue and there wasn’t plenty daylight left. I waved the coil at the bottom of one of my huge piles of debris and the gpz let off an unusual warble. I waved it again over the same spot and it gave it off again. It became nearly like it gave off 2 low/high indicators at the identical time. Both manner, it turned into in contrast to any signal identification heard earlier than from the gpz and to begin with i thought it was a nail or peace of junk. I scratch away the leaf clutter and swung again. The signal was nevertheless there, however more potent. This become well worth investigating.


I scratched off a few inches of soil and it were given louder but was still an uncommon one. I was now assured it become gold because the soil looked genuinely accurate. Grey, clay like gravels with iron stone and quartz jumbled together. I dug down approximately eight” and the gpz turned into beginning to overload as i introduced it close to the target. Now i was getting excited. Identification never skilled anything like this detecting so i used to be uncertain of what would eventuate. Possibly a virtually thin piece? Digging down even similarly, the detector became going crazy. Carefully digging across the target to avoid hitting it, i dug all the way down to simply over a foot extensive. I eliminated the tailings from the hollow for some other take a look at and it became out. I waved the coil over the pile to locate its standard place and knelt down within the dust to peer what id exposed. I knew it turned into respectable because the gpz was overloading, but had no idea of what identity be in for. After some sloppy goal finding, i eventually had it in my hand. It felt heavy. I opened my fingers to allow some of the soil fall thru and then i noticed it. I couldn’t accept as true with my eyes. It turned into a monster. After some solitary celebrations, i delivered it over the car and positioned it on the scales. Almost 4 oz. My aim for the gpz was crack the 1 once marl, but this some distance passed my expectations. I used to be over the moon.


It changed into now darkish, but i was so pumped up i had to keep detecting. What if there as something bigger?? I positioned my iphone at the back of my belt and used its dim digicam flash to light my way across the bush. It became very agricultural however did the job. 5 meters faraway from the massive one the gpz gave off every other obvious sign. It turned into additionally best inches from the same large pile of sticks id piled as much as have an unobstructed detecting location. Immediately i knew the gpz had hit the jackpot yet again. Digging right down to a comparable intensity because the pervious nugget, it changed into out. However this time i did not need to pin factor it, due to the fact after I examined some handfuls of dust over the coil i noticed it. Sitting within the pile of dirt id excavated. Even at night it had a golden glow, standing out form surroundings. What a sense. These all features make this product eye catching in the market and because of his features this product is the personal favorite of almost all professionals. This is the best product for professionals


Through now it become pitch black and in all likelihood time to call it a day. The gpz had almost paid for itself finding almost $7500 well worth in weight alone and that i desired to cease on a high note. Driving home i rang some of my pals with the exciting news. They had been just as satisfied as i was. My unearths, in reality, convinced 2 of them to soak up prospecting and have due to the fact brought a gpz700 and sdc2300. We’ve just deliberate any other ride to maryborough next month so hopefully we can do just as properly.

Just like the day you find your first piece of gold, this is a day sick in no way overlook. Uncovering that big one is a simply memorable and exhilarating experience, one i don’t assume would were viable without the gpz7000. Thanks minlab for designing such high-quality device.

And thanks miners den for all your assist, pointers and assistance with this new detector.

Ultimate but no longer least, a large way to dave form wa who advocate the spot and has been a wealth of understanding and assistance. I think i owe him beer or 2.